Welcome Home

Welcome Home 2009

Dedicated to Marie Junck

Written by Bekah Lemonds, Chase Lemonds, and Merry Ellen Kirk

It’s always a hard place when you are broken for a friend who doesn’t know Jesus. You want them to experience the love, joy and peace that you have found, and so you pray for them and love them and hope that one day they too will know Jesus. I had a friend like that in high school and when she gave her life to the Lord it was a huge party! I was so excited for her new walk with God and this song was written to be sung at her baptism. Unfortunately she moved away before she was baptized but I sung this song at my grandfather’s funeral as well.

Lyrics and Music:

Welcome Home no capo

G                   Dinversion            Em                                C         G            Dinv

You didn’t know we were on our knees for you. Praying that one day you would

Em            C      G                   Dinv                     Em                        C

Come to know the truth. You couldn’t see, you were crying out for hope.

G            Dinv            Em            C

An empty world was all You’d ever known

G              Dinv              Em                       C

But Ooooooooooo Hallelujah praise the Lamb

G               Dinv                   Em                           C

And Ooooooooooo welcome to the Promised Land

G              Dinv                       Em                       C            G    Dinv

God only knows what He has in store for you. He saw you…..

Em                                       C

Before you knew your mother’s womb

Repeat chorus

G                D         Em             C           G               D         Em             C

Welcome home, welcome home, welcome home, welcome home x2




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