Urban LG Song

Urban LG Song April 2010

During the end of my freshman year and beginning of my sophomore year at Baylor, I helped lead an inner city small group with my friend Kristin Simpson. Our job was to teach these kids that God loved them and to really reach out to them and pour into them. I remember one day we were sitting in a group talking about how much God loves us and around the circle were all of these blank faces. It was as if what we were saying wasn’t making sense. The girls didn’t understand God’s love as a Father because some of their parents were in and out of their lives. Some of their parents were in jail, others addicted to substances, some of them lived with grandparents and others had great parents but I felt like we all needed a revelation of how much God loves us as His children. I went back to my dorm room that night and I was trying to figure out a way to explain it where it would makes sense to these girls. As I was sitting there asking God about this, the song just came to me. I wrote it down and played it for them at the next group meeting. Silence followed for a few seconds while the words sank in and it was like something clicked. When God tells us Himself how much He loves us, it is a very powerful realization of the truth. This song is written from His viewpoint to all of us.

Lyrics and Music:

Urban Lifegroup Girls’ Song Capo 3

G           Dinv                           Em                 C            G Dinv Em C

I want you to know how much that I care about you

G            Dinv                        Em                        C            G            Dinv  Em C

Every time I see your face I am captivated by your beauty

Am            C

And I know it seems like I’m so far away sometimes

Am            C   D

But open up your eyes and see

G            D

I’ve always been here right by your side

Em            C

And every tear you’ve ever cried I hold in my hands

G            D            Em   C

Won’t you just give Me one chance to prove just how much I love you

G            Dinv            Em      C            G Dinv Em C

When the people you trust fail you, I will come through

G            Dinv            Em      C                        G              Dinv    Em C

And when you are feeling lonely, I will not forsake you, no

Am            C

You don’t have to do this on your own

Am            C            D

Because you were created to live life with me

Repeat chorus




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