Peace Be Still

Peace Be Still Fall 2009

Dedicated to Jamie McCallum, Melissa Delaney, Kristin Simpson

My freshman year at Baylor University in Waco, TX was very hard for me. My parents had very recently divorced and everything back home had changed. When my twin brother Chase and I left for college that left my little sister Anna Rachel to deal with the divorce alone. It broke my heart that I couldn’t be there for here during that difficult time especially when custody court dates started rolling around. I had been struggling all semester with anxiety and depression and the night before the first big custody case I had a huge panic attack. I had never before and have never since experience such an awful feeling of helplessness and utter fear. I was talking with my resident chaplain Jamie McCallum and my friend Melissa Delaney in Jamie’s apartment and I started hyperventilating, sweating, crying uncontrollably, having weird neck pain, and feeling like my head would explode due to the pressure inside it. Neither Jamie nor Melissa really knew what to do and neither did I because it was the first time I had ever experienced one. At some point during this Kristin, who was my Ra/CL in the dorm came into the room because she had called during it and Melissa had told her to come. While I was freaking out, Jamie started praying over me, “Peace, be still. Don’t be afraid. The Lord is with you.” She was quoting the story in the Gospels where Jesus calmed the storm. I finally calmed down and the next day I wrote the first half of the song. The second more hopeful half of the song was written after the Awaken spring break mission trip that I went on on the spring of 2010 with Antioch Communtiy Church. I had a life-changing encounter with Jesus there and finished the song after I had rededicated my life to God. The funny part about this song is that when David added in music he added thunder and a rain sound at the beginning and end but he had NO IDEA about the story of the song or that it was based off of the story where Jesus calmed the storm. I thought that was incredibly hilarious and just confirmation that we were supposed to keep recording. I want to thank Jamie, Melissa, and Kristin for the way they loved me on that dark night. I will never forget the kindness and compassion that ya’ll showed me.

Lyrics and Music:

Peace Be Still no capo

E                                           A                       C#m           Binv               A      Binv

Peace be still and rest my child, for the Lord has drawn near to you

E                        A

Cry in Hs presence and let Him wipe away your tears

C#m         Binv                       A  Binv

Feel His arms holding you

E            A            C#m                                  Binv               A  Binv

Peace be still, peace to you. Don’t be afraid you’re not alone in this fight

E            A                        C#m       Binv             A Binv

I know that it hurts and I know that you’re tired but there is hope for you

E            A                                           C#m              Binv            A   Binv

Peace be still in your pain, when you don’t have the strength to carry on

E            A                        C#m

Lean on Him and He will lift you up. Just let Him take your burdens

Binv            A            Binv

Let Him carry you with His love Ohhhhhh

C#m            Binv     E        A     C#m                           B                          E

Find rest for your soul in God alone. Even in the darkest night you will overcome.


Overcome, you will overcome

Repeat chorus




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