Maybe I Could Go

In the summer of 2012 I spent my days in my hometown of Nashville, TN. I had been to Guatemala three times previously on mission trips in high school with a non-profit organization called the Shalom Foundation. Going to Guatemala changed my life in high school but during my college years I had been unable to return to the beautiful country that I had fallen in love with so many years ago. One night I was babysitting for some of my Guatemala team members and I picked up a book I saw on their bookshelf to read while waiting for them to get home. I had heard of this book from a friend in college and knew that the woman who wrote it was from the town next to mine and that it was an amazing story. I read the book Kisses from Katie written by Katie Davis in two nights. I couldn’t put it down! This young woman moved to Uganda following high school graduation from a school in my area, founded a non-profit organization called Amazima that helps feed and educate children, and legally adopted fourteen Ugandan girls that she is raising with the help of one other woman there. Her story broke my heart and the pictures I saw in her book and on her blog wrecked me for the orphans of Africa.


The next morning after I finished the book I woke up feeling so convicted that I could barely stand it. There I was in my home in America with plenty of food to eat and more stuff than I could ever really need. I started thinking about missions and decided that maybe I could go make a difference like Katie Davis did. The song was written as a call to everyone who hears it that we can all make a difference and help those around the world that are in need.  Whether you choose to go on a short-term mission trip, long-term mission trip, sponsor a child in school, or donate to the trips of others called to serve, you CAN make a difference. The choice is yours. Me? I will choose to go.


At the last minute that summer I decided to return to Guatemala on a community development mission trip. I hadn’t been there in three years but it was like coming home after a long journey. I was in nursing school at the time and I walked to many houses to help treat sicknesses and pains with the medical team. My little sister also came to Guatemala for the first time on that trip and helped with a dental clinic for the people of Las Conchas, Guatemala. Our team also participated in home construction and delivered food baskets to hungry people. The team embraced the song with passion and it became our anthem while there and since we returned to the U.S. One more crazy God thing- my friend Devin did the cover art for the single and he had no idea about this, but the road in the photo looks exactly like the long winding road up to Las Conchas, Guatemala where we worked. This song is dedicated to missions in Guatemala and Uganda. Be blessed!



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