Empty 2007

2006 and 2007 for me were years of rebellion. I lied to my parents, was filled with anger, hated my body, used drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, tried to find my worth in a guy and chose not to follow God. As a result of my beliefs and my actions during this time I felt utterly empty. Nothing I was doing or consuming satisfied that deep longing in my heart that only God could fill. The night that I wrote Empty was a hard night. I can’t remember exactly what the situation was but I think I had just lost my job unexpectedly at 5 &Diner and therefore lost all my access to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. I was so upset and felt like my world was ending because now, all of my escapes had been taken away. That was also the point at which I realized that no matter how many substances I used. It would never be enough to fill the gaping hole in my soul. This song was me crying out to God or Him to be the one to fill me up.

Lyrics and Music:

Empty Capo 1

Em                  C           G          D

I’m empy

Em                             C                                           G                                  D

Who knew such a five letter word would enter my life and shake my whole world

Em                C            G            D

Who knew I’d be running back to the very thing I was running from to start

Em            C            G            D

Who knew that these feelings were from all the walls I’ve built around my heart  and

Em            C            G            D            Am

Now who sees that I’m goin down, I’m goin down, I’m goin down again

C            D

Down again tonight

Em            C            G            D

Where do you turn when it all comes crashing down

Em                C            G            D

When the obstacles of life are just too big to get around

G            D            Em            C

Together or alone, now one and the same

Em       C G D            Em C G D

I’m empty……. Please come and fill me up

Em            C            G                        D

Every ounce of me wants to escape but all I see taking shape is destruction

Em            C            G

One decision tonight affects the rest of my life


In darkness or light, the stakes are just too high

Em            C            G

They tell me be strong, I don’t feel that at all


All I feel is I’m weak, I think I’m gonna fall

Em            C            G

Down onto my knees offering up my plea

D            Am            C            D

I can’t do this alone, I can’t do this alone, do this alone tonight




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