Child of the King

Child of the King 2008

Written by Bekah Lemonds and Josh Jones

Dedicated to Bethany Mikrut Walsh

I went to Orlando, Florida to celebrate my friend Bethany’s wedding and got to stay a few days and visit with her and her family there. The night before the wedding some of her friends from church were all hanging out and Bethany asked me to write her a song. So her friend Josh and I teamed up to write it and I sang it at her wedding reception the following day. Her life is one big picture of God’s redeeming love. The lyrics are just a cry to God to hold us as His children. We are children of the Most High King and He loves us!

Lyrics and Music:

Child of the King no capo

 C            G                       Em7        D      C                   G                     Em7                 D

As we walk along the sparkling sea, I see Your face gleam all around and upon me

C            G            Em7            D

Draw me close I can feel Your heart….beat

C                 G                            Em7       D

You hold me in Your arms and rock me to sleep tonight

G            D            C            D

Forgive me, free me, heal me, hold me

G            D            C            D            G

In Your arms is where I wanna be, teach me what it means to be a child of the King

C            G            Em7 D

You knew me when I was just a little girl and You called me to be

C                       G            Em7            D

A woman of faith, full of Your courage and perfect grace

C            G            Em7            D

You tore down my walls of darkness and showed me what it means

C                        G

To be living in the light, You spoke the word and

Em7            D

Made me clean and redeemed, so

Repeat chorus

Em            C                        Em                    C       Em                        C

Give me faith to believe, give me light to see. Guide my steps light my way

D            G   D  C  D

And lead me into a brand new day



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