Better Days

Better Days Fall 2009

Dedicated to Anna Rachel Lemonds

Written by Bekah Lemonds, Anna Rachel Lemonds, Jacob McVicker, Derek Kerr and Drake Kerr

This song has a really funny story behind it. The summer before my brother Chase and I went off to college, My dad, sister Anna Rachel, and Chase took a vacation to Ocean Shores, Washington. We had a great trip and we were flying out of Seattle to return home but we missed our flight. We were stranded in the Seattle airport for 24 hours waiting for standby flights home. We noticed there were 3 guys with two guitars and after talking with them found out that they were also stranded. There’s not much to do all night in an airport so my sister and I and our new friends went to the 24 hr Starbucks and took espresso shots and had fun hanging out. We were all joking around that we had had much better days than being stuck all night in an airport and that phrase sparked the idea to write a song. We actually wrote two songs that night and it was so much fun passing the time with music, espresso, and new friends!

Lyrics and Music:

Better Days Capo 4

G            D                        Em  C         G                  D                             Em   C

Life is full of ups and downs. It’ll shake you up and turn you around

G                         D                    Em    C        G           D                         Em C

The twists and turns lead anywhere. Don’t expect life to be fair.

Am                       C     D

So what will you do? It’s up to you

G                D            Em                                            C

Life’s a journey, don’t give in. no regrets keep hope til’ the end

G            D                        Em                        C

Decisions made paves the way and it all leads to…… better days

G            D                                           Em  C       G                         D            Em C

When times are tough and you’ve had enough friends step in to life you up

G            D                        Em C G            D                        Em            C

And when you’re down on your face look to grace to lift you up from that place

Repeat chorus-substituting faith for hope

Am                        C            Am            C   D

So what will you do it’s up to you. You can pull through, you will pull through

Repeat chorus



  1. Drake and Derek Kerr are my son’s. I am so proud of them. They have wrote many songs and I love them all. They said they wrote two songs that night. What is the name of the other one? I would love the hear the whole Better Days but I am not real smart on using this new mp3 stuff.. They are wonderful boys and I am really blessed with them. They follow the Lord and do many things to help others. I am so happy about their songs and you singing them. Many Blessing and May God wrap His arms around you and see you through Your success as a singer. You are really good,
    Patty Kerr
    here is my email,,
    address is HC 68 Box 7305 Hartshorn, MO 65479
    phone no 471-247-8159

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