Bekah Lemonds

Bekah Lemonds

From a very young age I remember singing in front of my church.  I grew up in the hills of Tennessee and attended church for as long as I can remember. My twin brother, sister, Mom and I started singing in four-part harmony and I began writing songs as a kid. My mom made us take piano lessons but I hated it and quit taking lessons. I continued to sing in chorus at school and at my church. In Middles School and High School I was involved in theatre and loved participating in the musicals.

When I was 14 years old I decided I wanted to learn how to play guitar so that I could lead worship in my youth group. At that time our Wednesday night meetings did not include a time of worship and I wanted to change that. I loved singing and worshipping God through music and wanted to be able to make my own music to worship to.  I asked for a guitar for Christmas and when I got one I was so excited! My first guitar was blue, which is my favorite color, and by the end of Christmas break I had learned how to play Silent Night. From there I started leading worship and eventually we had a whole worship band in the youth group.

I began writing songs before learning to play the guitar but I began putting music to songs I had written after I learned enough chords. I started sharing my music with my parents and my friends who encouraged me to record the songs so they could listen to them more often. It had always been my dream so make a CD of all the songs I had written but I kept pushing that dream away because I had no money, no way to record, and no time to work on this project.  Towards the end of my time on high school I got a Mac laptop that had Garageband on it and started to attempt recording. I could only record the acoustic versions of the songs  and the sound quality was not very good so I gave up and pursued my degree in nursing at Baylor University.

I joined a lifegroup that was a part of Antioch Community Church in Waco, TX while studying at Baylor and met David Penshorn in that group. When I moved to Dallas in the fall of 2011 I received an email from David that he had gotten some recording equipment and wanted to know if I was interested in recording the songs I had written and producing an album. After he sent back the first song with his adjustments I was ecstatic because it sounded so good and motivated to work harder to finish the project. We finished the album titled “Redeemed” in seven months working in two separate cities using online file sharing.

My life has been a roller coaster of brokennesss, healing, restorarion and redemption. My hope is that when people hear the music, it communicates that God loves them, offers hope to them, and WANTS to be friends with them. Be blessed!

  1. I was there today among all those people who were blessed to know your Dad and call him Friend. When times got hard for me and my family I went to work for the American Heart Association’s CPR programs. Your Dad was the first Volunteer I worked with and in that way that Brent always had about him, he took that young, scared woman and helped her become the best she could be. I will never forget him. Today’s service was very special. You and your brother and sister touch my heart. You are very much like him and I know you will touch hearts throughtout your life with your music and your relationship with God. God blessed me today through you. thank you!

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